Bluesky Feed Creator


Easy Setup 🚀

No coding or regex required, just define your feeds using simple #hashtag, emoji or word searches.

Real Time Capture 🚅

Posts are captured from Bluesky and inserted into your feeds in real time as soon they are created.

Fast Loading 💨

Smart caching allows us to serve your feeds to 1000's of users at lightning speed.

Check out our stats!

Pinning Posts 📌

Want to display a message to your community? Pin any post to the top of your feed.

Public Page 🌏

Want to share guidelines, rules or just general information about your feed? Every feed hosted has it's own customisable public page, written in Markdown.

Specific Users? 💚

Restrict your feed to receive posts only from certain users, approved either by you or from public lists.

Manages invite requests.

Removing Posts ❌

See a post that doesn't belong? You can remove it from your feed.

Block Users 🛑

Is someone spamming your feed? Block them!

Import your own block list, or public block lists from Bluesky.

Images Only? 🖼

Do you want to create a feed for art, or pet pictures? Limit your feed to only capture posts with images.

Human Review 🔎

Configure your feed to require your approval of posts matching certain terms, or of any post with an image.

Advanced Matching ⚡

Supports matching of partial words using wildcards.

Feed List ✅

Keep track of all your feeds, with helpful status indicators.

Feed Statistics 📊

See how many views your feeds are getting, updated in real time.

Relocate Feeds 🔁

Move a feed from one Bluesky account to another, without losing history.

Import and Replace Feeds ⬆

Import an existing feed's posts from any other Bluesky feed service, then publish over the top of the old feed.

Unlimited Archival Feeds 🏛️

Pause any feed at any time, while still allowing Bluesky users to see posts.