Bluesky Feed Creator


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Actively Capturing Feeds

The number of active feeds your account can have at once.


Search Terms

The number of include search terms you can define per feed to look for posts.


Search in alt-text

Searching applies to both post text and alt-text.

Exclude Terms

Unlimited exclusions to get your feed just the way you want it.

Public Description Page

Share guidelines, rules or just general information about your feed, with a customisable public page, written in Markdown.

Specific Users

Restrict your feed to receive posts only from certain users.

Removing Posts

Manually remove any post from your feeds.

Block Users

Block a user's posts from appearing in your feeds.

Sync Blocked Users

Import blocked users from your own Bluesky account.

Human Review

Configure your feed to require your approval of certain posts.

Advanced Matching

Supports matching of partial words using wildcards.

List all your Feeds

Keep track of all your feeds, along with their statuses.

Feed Statistics

See how popular each of your feeds are, with a chart of views per feed.

Relocate Feeds

Easily change which Bluesky account a feed is published on.

Unlimited Archival Feeds

Pause a feed from capturing, while still being visible to Bluesky.

Post Type Rules

Setup your feed to require approval of, exclude, or only capture posts based on their type (Image, GIF or Quote Posts).

Increased Retention

Increase the maximum number of posts to keep in your feeds from the standard 100.

Invite Requests

Automatically manage invite requests by collecting users who reply to your pinned posts.

Synced Lists

Use Bluesky Lists to drive your feed's users, or block large numbers of users at once.

List Sync Frequency

How often your Bluesky Lists are automatically synced.

24 Hours
1 Hour

Advanced Public Description Page

Use powerful shortcodes in your Public Description Page.

Feed Administrators

Allow other people to manage the day to day running of a feed that you own.